Getting Involved in Your Community Plan Update

This is a historic moment for our city, and the community plan updates present a key opportunity for low-income residents of color and progressive community groups to directly shape policies and development regulations that will help create the neighborhoods we want. It is never too early to begin planning for a community-driven campaign to engage in the community plan updates. Identifying community priorities, concerns and recommendations requires significant organizing and engagement. Developing a cohesive policy platform in advance of the city’s formal process will enable more effective engagement.

Photo by Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance

Photo by Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance


Path to an Updated Community Plan

The City of LA’s Department of City Planning will be tasked with updating each of the city’s 35 community plans. Each plan will take several years to complete, from the gathering of community input and drafting plan recommendations, to assessing the plan’s environmental impacts and holding public hearings, to finally --  after many amendments -- the adoption of a community plan by several decision-making bodies.

Photo by Mike Dennis

Photo by Mike Dennis


A Guide to Equitable Community Planning

ACT-LA and Public Counsel developed a guide for equitable community planning, Planning for an Equitable Los Angeles: A Guide to Shaping LA’s New Community Plans, centered on five core principles we believe will help facilitate community-led planning and equitable development:


growth and preservation of affordable housing


inclusive economic development that supports workers and businesses


community health and environmental justice


livable, publicly accessible, walkable and bikeable public areas


community leadership and authentic engagement


Within this guide we provide a series of tools that community groups stakeholders may consider in a campaign to advance equitable development in the community plan updates. These tools draw on best practices, lessons from previous efforts, and the experiential knowledge of ACT-LA organizations and resident leaders.

We hope that this guide will support community-led efforts to advance equity, inclusion and opportunity in the City’s community plan updates. The leadership and experiential knowledge of affected low-income communities should ultimately drive an equitable community plan campaign.




Planning for an Equitable Los Angeles: A Guide to Shaping LA’s New Community Plans

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Photo by Mike Dennis

Photo by Mike Dennis